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Traditional marketing – killed by digital? Yes, that ship has sailed

It only takes $5 to $10 to reach an average of 1,000 viewers in digital marketing; compared to $10 – $487 in its traditional counterpart. A stark 99 percent difference, it makes CEOs think why they haven’t fired yet their marketing manager for investing in direct mail, which by the way only provides 44% open rate. A study done by eMarketer in 2012 also revealed that more and more advertisers are investing in Digital Media as time goes by. For instance, in 2012 alone, an average of 22.5% US companies spent advertising in the aforementioned; and this trend is projected to grow up to 29.2% come 2016.

Due to the growing popularity of social media, websites and other digital marketing models, many brands see the aforementioned as definitely the best bang for their buck. In effect, it seems like traditional marketing is already on a downward spiral.


Why is digital marketing a preferred choice?

Digital marketing, or the engagement of advertisements on websites, mobile applications, online videos, social media, pay-per-click ads, sponsored blogs, etc., is becoming more ubiquitous each and every year. For most businesses, the digital media as a platform of choice makes more business sense because:

First, digital media is cost effective. For instance, online search placement can only cost around $1-$5; compared to primetime television advertising which ranges from $24-$30 in the US.

Second, digital media makes targeted messaging a lot easier. Using Facebook and Google Adsense for personal and pinpointed messaging can enable brands to direct their ads specifically to a target demographic or individual. Compared to television advertising, companies rely mostly on the viewership of the day which could rise or fall relative to the show being aired.

Third, digital marketing gives companies more freedom to adjust its campaign. Using free ad platforms of Facebook and Google means more than having a free tech right out your fingertips. More than that, it also entails getting access with state of the art analytics that show how your campaign runs and performs every day, relative to a combination of variables.

With Google AdSense for instance, it is easy to see how your digital ads are carrying out; and in effect easy to adjust if by any chance it needs more beefing-up.


Figure 1: Google AdSense Dashboard

The figure above shows how GoogleAdsense typically provides performance of your digital ads. It gives you a perspective to the whole landscape by providing you an overview of page views, clicks, Click-through-Rate (CTR), Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM).

What is the best way to start your digital marketing campaign?

Nothing beats having first-hand knowledge of how things are done over Google or Facebook; but surely this will take a lot of learning curve not to mention a couple of hits and misses. In starting your own digital marketing campaign, it is always best to find the right partner. Choose a provider that will take time to understand your customers and know exactly how to transform your marketing objectives into measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital. Nexturn can plan your digital marketing campaign from the ground up. Feel free to contact us today.

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